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Work Orders

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bulletAutomatically removes required raw materials from inventory to make parent item.
bulletAllows for scheduling of work orders.
bulletMaterial Requirements also links to the Purchase Order section
bulletMultilevel backflushing


The work order section for Inventory Interface functions in the same way as the Purchase Order section. Like the purchase order section, the work order section can scan through the inventory and sales databases to see what items are in need. If you have assemblies in the inventory database and the supply code for those item is one of the following:

bulletMake to Stock
bulletAssemble to Order
bulletMake to Order
bulletEngineer to Order
bulletPackage to Order

then a work order can be created for that item. The work order means that instead of having to go to the supplier for the item, you will manufacture the item from its' BOM. The Work Order section will determine the assemble quantity for each assembly much like the PO section does. It also has the ability to scan the sales database to determine future needs. When you have assembled an item an enter it into the computer, the components for that item are automatically taken from inventory. By keeping track of the quantity made the Purchase order section knows exactly how much raw material is required.

When II is instructed to automatically create WO's, it will:

bulletexamine the inventory database for items below/at their Order Pt and use the sales and work order databases to determine future Due Out requirements
bulletitems in the WO will contain the Order Qty value as specified below:
bulletthe value in the inventory Order Qty field

or the greater of the following

bulletthe economic order quantity meeting the Minimum order amount, Maximum order amount and Order Multiple criteria as describe in the inventory database section.
bulletthe net due out requirements

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