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Bill of Materials
Purchase Orders
Inventory Management
Work Orders
Order Processing
Inventory Status
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Backorder Status
Price Overrides
Salesperson Analysis



bulletCreates reports for the taxes paid, invoice amounts, total customer savings, total cost and revenue per user defined period.
bulletMaintains a list of recurring billing.
bulletQuotation section.
bulletAll sales information links to the PO and WO sections for future requirement analysis
bulletAllows customer term discounts.
bulletIncludes customer database for accounts receivable or mailing lists.
bulletSupports taxable and non-taxable items or transactions with up to two sales taxes.
bulletComputes customer savings over manufacture's list price.
bulletBackorder status includes a list of items able to partial ship, ship in full, or not on order.
bulletPrice Override information includes sales rep., unit and total variance.
bulletSalesperson analysis includes: number of invoices, total gross and cost, average gross, margin, average margin per user defined sales period.
bulletSupport for a cash drawer.
bulletMultiple and / or partial payments and types.
bulletAutomatically identifies credit card type and checksum.
bulletMultiple type Sales form(s) support.
bulletGenerates picking lists.
bulletAutomatically updates shipping information and adjusts inventory on hand levels
bulletAll orders are linked into the accounts receivable section


The point of sale (POS) and invoicing section allows you to easily enter customer transactions. The POS database was designed to accommodate a variety of information that can be latter analyzed in this section or indirectly from the Backorder Status, Price Override, Salesperson Analysis or Accounts Receivable Sections. Within the POS system the invoices may be sorted, filtered, and columns hidden to produce you own custom reports to be printed or exported in the format of you needs. Your customer invoices can be customized directly from the application if you desire. You can even modify the forms to print on your own preprinted forms if needed. Inventory Interface allows you to have multiple types of sales / order forms. Before creating your first invoice you may wish to change the Sales Tax Rates in the setup section of the main menu.

When you enter a credit card number in the payment section, the program will automatically verify the cards checksum, and return the card type (VISA, MC, etc.,).

You will find a wealth of information generated from each invoice you create. The information can also be grouped by filtering the information to the criteria you desire using the 'Filter' function. The information generated for each invoice includes:

bulletthe amount taxable and non-taxable
bulletthe taxes due
bulletthe total invoice amount
bulletthe total weight of the items supplied
bulletthe total amount tendered and the change or balance due
bulletthe total savings the customer has over the list price
bulletand the transaction cost to you.

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