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Purchase Orders

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Purchase Orders
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bulletAutomatic purchase order generation using economic order quantity, minimum order amount, maximum order amount, order multiple or order quantity criteria.
bulletAllows manual purchase order generation.
bulletRequest for quotes section for each PO.
bulletMultiple type PO form(s) support.
bulletAutomatic lead time adjustment of received items.
bulletAutomatic order point adjustment when lead time or demand changes per item.
bulletPurchase order statistics including: total, balance due, and taxes paid for any range of dates and / or departments.
bulletAll information links to the Accounts Payable section.


The Purchase Order (PO) section rewards the you for maintaining an accurate Inventory database. By keeping the On Hand field up to date in the inventory database, II will do the following for you:

bullettrack inventory items below/at their Order Pt and not Due In
bulletCalculate the quantity of items Due Out in Sales Orders and Work Orders
bulletgroup items (in the above) by the same supplier and create the required purchase orders
bulletitems in the PO will contain the Order Qty value as specified below:
bulletthe value in the inventory Order Qty field
bulletthe economic order quantity meeting the Minimum order amount, Maximum order amount and Order Multiple criteria as describe in the inventory database
bulletflag printed and completed PO's
bulletadjust each inventory record's Lead-time with a new weighted Lead-time of received parts
bulletadjust the Order Pt of received parts by comparing their lead time, Minimum On Hand (safety stock), and average daily usage for the last six months
bulletupdate the inventory database On Hand field for items that are received

You may also 'manually' create a PO.

When browsing the list of items in the purchase order II will allow you to edit only certain fields at certain times depending on the value of the 'printed' field for that PO:

bulletif printed then you can only edit the received column
bulletif the po is not printed then you may edit the qty, and cost fields

After printing a PO, II automatically updates the 'printed' field for that PO with .T. (true). After printing a PO and you need to update the 'cost' or 'qty' field for that PO you may manually change the printed field back to .F., to allow the proper editing.

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