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System Requirements

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System Requirements


System Requirements

II is written using CA-Clipper 5.2. Although the executable program (ii.exe) is over 800KB, the program requires approximately 500KB of RAM to operate efficiently. If your computer is equipped with expanded memory II will automatically use up to 8MB if it is LIM 4.0 compliant. The program will also analyze you system on start up to see if it can run in Protected Mode which refers to the enhanced mode of the 80286 and above with 2MB of memory or more. In protected mode Inventory Interface will have access to up to 16MB of available memory for both code and data which will increase performance by reducing the disk access for swapping code and data from the disk.

In order to use II, you will need a computer that includes:

IBM PC, AT, PS/2, and DOS 3.3 or later.

2.5M of free hard disk space and an additional 1.5 Meg. (approx.) for 1000 parts and their transaction history and purchase orders. Although the program can run on an XT computer, you may find the programs performance a little slow.

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