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The Printer function key will allow access to the printer setup codes. You may modify them as needed. All printer codes are entered as there ASCII value, separated by a comma, or as their character form enclosed with quotes.

You may customize your forms by including the any printer codes. All you have to do is to start a variable with the ~ key add Printcode("code name") to the variable name you want and finish with ~ again. For example to include the Compressed mode printer command, use:


If the printer is not on-line and available then printing to the printer will not be allowed. If you choose the print to a file option, the following is allowed:

LPT1 (or any parallel port)

COM1 or COM2 (serial ports)

PRN (the default DOS printer)

any file name (the file will be given the .prn extension)

If a file already exist you will be asked if you want to add (append), overwrite the existing file, or abort the print operation.

Printer output may contain printer control characters found in the printer database file. When the program starts up, the 'init.dbf' is automatically loaded. The init.dbf contains the name of the printer driver as referenced in the printer database file. The name may be changed (through the main menu setup function) to another file name if need be. The new file should be should be similar in structure to the original file with the exception of printer codes. Other codes may be added as needed in order to customize your forms.

If you print to a disk file, you may choose to use a printer file with the codes removed. This printed file could then be inputted into you favorite word processor to edit as you please.

Some printers do not support printing the of the box characters that are on some of the default forms. You may have to change your printers default character set to a set that contains these values, or use a form that does not contain these characters. You may change a printer's character set by changing a dip switch, printer menu, or by software commands. If your printer will support changing the character set through software commands, you may want to create or change one of Inventory Interface's printer driver INIT commands to include selecting the proper character set. A few older models printers do not support box characters. You may want to consult you printer manual for more information.

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