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Main Menu

II's main menu has several prompts in which to choose from. You may make your selection from the menu by moving the highlighted bar over your selection (using the up and down arrow keys) then pressing the enter key. An alternative to this method is to press the left most letter or your selection (example 'A' for inventory).

The status section of the main menu window gives you general information about the status of the program. The status section should tell you that the Terminate Stay Resident (TSR) utilities are installed. The TSR's are explained in detail latter. The last data backup date is also shown along with the current date and time.

Along the bottom of the screen are the Function Keys which are numbered from one to ten.

[F1] Help - this key provides access to the help information system. The help information (similar to the manual) gives you a variety of information that will help you understand your options at your current point in the program.

[F2] Printer - will all you to change or choose the printer codes that may be used throughout the program. See the section 'Printing' for more detailed information.

[F3] Setup - key will change variables that are used by the program. The variables include your company name, address and constants used to calculate statistics and the Economic Order Quantity. The setup information is divided into two sections or databases. The first database that you will edit is user specific information which is as follows:

The default printer driver

The communication port where the modem is attached (if applicable)

The default file name used for printed output to a disk file

A remove snow switch (used on some older CGA monitors)

Toggle sound on and off switch

Double verify field editing changes

The directory where the inventory files are located (used on network version)

The default date format (e.g.. mm/dd/yyyy)

The second setup table (common or server database) is shown below:

Name of your company

The first line or your mailing address

The second line of your mailing address

The third line of your mailing address

Your Phone Number

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Cost/Order

EOQ Desired Annual Rate of Return

The default first tax rate used in the POS module

The default second tax rate used in the POS module.

Is Freight Taxable on Non-Taxable in the POS module

[F4] Mono - will change the screen colors to monochrome mode.

[F5] 43-Line - will change the display mode to 43 - lines (rows) mode. (only if your monitor supports 43 lines)


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