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System Requirements


Installing The Software

The following describes the process for installing Inventory Interface: for the first time, or, upgrading from version 6.2 or 6.3. Please note that the upgrade program is available to registered users only.


Upgrading from version 6.2 or 6.3

Once you have installed inventory interface onto your hard drive, you will have the option to transfer your old information into version 7. First you will have to install version 7 as described in "Installing Inventory Interface for the First Time" (as described below). This procedure will create the c:\ii7 directory and all the blank inventory interface files. You may import your old information by running the upgrade.exe file found in the inventory interface version 7 directory.

The upgrade program will not change the version 6 information. If for some reason you need more disk space you may consider deleting the version 6 index files (*.ntx) which will free up some space. After you have completed the upgrade process, you may want to test try version 7 before deleting the version 6 program and databases. Once you have run the upgrade program you will still be able to use the version 6 program, but if you change the information in version 6, the changes will not appear in version 7 unless you run the upgrade program again. Once the upgrade is finish and the process has been found to be successfully completed you may want to delete the upgrade.exe to avoid accidental erasure of any information that has been entered in version 7. If you have any problems with the upgrade please contact Data Interface for assistance.


Installing Inventory Interface for the first time

The install.bat file will automatically create the \II7 directory and decompress the required files on the destination drive that you specify. First place the installation disk in dirve a: or b:. Then log onto that drive and type:

install {drive:}

Substitute {drive:} with the destination drive letter of your choice.



install c:

II opens several databases and indexes once started. You may have to modify your computer's config.sys file to include the command:


If your config.sys file already has the files command, make sure that it is at least greater than 100. For persons using Windows or other TSR programs you may need to increase this number slightly. II will warn you at startup if there is not enough free file handles present.

If you are using share.exe in your autoexec.bat or config.sys you may need to raise the space and the number of locks from the default values. Example:

share.exe /F:4096 /L:100

Note: Whenever you make changes to your config.sys or autoexec.bat you will have to reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.

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