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Inventory Interface supports printing the following barcodes:

code 3 of 9

interleaved 2 of 5

upc a

upc e

code 128


To print any of the above barcodes requires a single call to the bc_print() function. The bc_print function is configurable via the parameters that are passed to it and the style defaults that establish the format of the barcode. The following is a description of the syntax to use bc_print().


~bc_print(<row>, <col>, <message>, <type>, <characters_per_inch>, <height>, <printer_type>, <printer_lines_per_inch>)~

<row>=numeric value

laser: placement of barcode in inches from the top of page

dot matrix: placement of barcode by row number.

<col>=Numeric value

laser: Placement of barcode in inches from the left side of page

dot matrix: Placement of barcode by column.

<message>=String: Information to be encoded

<type>=Barcode type: "CODE39", "INTERLEAVED25", "UPC_A", "UPC_E", "CODE128", "POSTNET"

<characters_per_inch>=numeric value:

CODE39 & INTERLEAVED25 - number of barcode characters to print per inch. Defaults to 5.0 inches.

UPC A & E - Overall width of entire barcode. Defaults to 4.0 inches.

<height>=numeric value:

Laser: height of barcode in inches. Defaults to 0.5, except for POSTNET which defaults to 0.135 inches.

Dot Matrix: Number of Rows for the barcode to use. Defaults to 4 except for POSTNET with defaults to 1.

<printer_type>="HPLASER", "POSTSCRIPT", "EPSON", "IBMPRO"

<printer_lines_per_inch>=numeric value:

Laser: Not Used

Dot Matrix: Number of lines per inch the dot matrix printer is in. Used to calculate the height of the barcode. Default is 6 lines per inch.

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